AIG – the new international face of cyber risks

On the 20th of January 2015, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in association with AIG, hosted a highly informative breakfast presentation on cyber risks, shrouding the room in a quasi-007 espionage-esque manner. In light of events involving high profile security breaches against well-known organisations such as Sony, Target, US Central Command, and Saudi Aramco, this presentation received a lot of interest and proved to be a very successful event. The fabulous Cercle de l’Union Interalliée provided a dramatic backdrop to three very high caliber speakers: Jonathan Evans – former General Director of MI5, Xavier Leonetti – responsible for Economic Security in the French Gendarmerie, and Agnieszka Bruyère – head of security services at IBM France.

 It was a shocking and worrying statistic for those present in the room to find out that 66% of company breaches took more than a month to detect. Our three experts, without delving into over-technical jargon, outlined clearly how those at the heads of companies could organise themselves to limit their risk from a cyber-threat.  This included not only making sure you have a robust anti-virus system but also ensuring that those who you’re doing business with, and are therefore in your supply chain, are equally protected. Another crucial aspect covered was the need to constantly look towards the future, much like businesses try to spot market trends before they take shape, they should also try to spot where potential cyber-threats could come from.

 Whilst Lord Jonathan Evans did claim ‘we are in a catch up game’ with those posing the cyber-threats, he was adamant that we would be able to take the upper hand. For proof of this, he pointed to the huge amount of money flowing into anti-spyware companies with 50% of funds in Venture Capital Markets currently going this way.

 Guests were also treated to a buffet breakfast upon arrival and coffee and tea throughout, which provided an enjoyable networking session before the start of the proceedings.  

 The Franco-British Chamber would like to thank AIG for providing us with the opportunity to organise this highly eye-opening event as well as the excellent speakers for imparting their wisdom upon us all.

 Finally, please keep your eyes open for more Chamber events in the future.

A few photos from the event.