Autumn Piano & Violin Recital 2014


A strong sense of history prevailed on the evening of the 9th October at the British Ambassador’s Residence; from the presence of long-serving members of the Franco-British Chamber, to Svetlin Roussev’s Stradivarius 1710, in addition to the stunning surroundings of the spectacular venue. The effortless intertwining of these three elements was made possible by the evening’s delightful intimacy.

As guests enjoyed an aperitif and caught up with acquaintances, there was the distant sound of a piano and violin tuning session, creating a buzz of expectation and excitement. At the ringing of the butler’s bell, everyone was seated in the grand Ballroom to be welcomed by the British Ambassador to France, Sir Peter Ricketts, who passed the microphone over to the President of the FBCCI, Robert Lewis, to kick off the medal ceremony and to thank the sponsor of the evening, Vivendi. The chamber took this opportunity to thank some of its longest-serving members which included:

  • Michel Dubarry, president of Rolls Royce France: member since 1974
  • Richard Simpson, a Board member since 1994
  • Guy-Antoine de la Rochefoucault, General Director of Lloyd’s France: member since 1994
  • Jenny & Antoine Vacher-Desvernais, lawyers at AJ Desvernais: members since 1994
  • Olivier Hoebanx, lawyer at BMH Avocats: member since 2004
  • Martin Dixon, Director Continental Europe & Rest of World for Hays and Member of the Board since 2004

This short but sweet ceremony was followed by a compelling crescendo of music, brought to life by the passion and expertise of the two world-renowned musicians; pianist, Olivier Cazal and violinist, Svetlin Roussev. Their impeccable dexterity, along with their connection as companions and as colleagues, enabled for a highly technical and captivating performance of Bridge, Strauss and Elgar. The evening then gradually drew to a close, after a drink and a deliberation over the evening’s fine display of history and music.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our sponsor Vivendi, to Olivier Cazal and Svetlin Roussev, to Sir Peter Ricketts and to everyone at the British Embassy for making it an unforgettable evening. We hope to make a tradition of this in years to come.

If you would like to see Olivier Cazal, Svetlin Roussev and many more classical musicians perform live, click here to read more about The Dôme Festival, organized by Olivier Cazal himself.