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The implications of the June 2016 referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union have created an unprecedented demand amongst our members for clarity at a time of contrasting messages from the media.

In our Brexit Hub we bring together commentary not only from the FBCCI and our members, but also information from sources we identify as being pertinent to this debate. We’ll also add links to Brexit themed events which the FBCCI and our partners organize.

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The Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (known as COBOE) , founded by members based in Europe to meet their need for a joint platform, working with them to advance international trade and business with the United Kingdom. COBCOE has been developing a policy and working on a new iniative to ensure them that the political negotiations do not ignore the business and economic issues, and that the negotiations are based upon reality and are able to deliver a successful outcome.

This survey will help to establish the needs of businesses and influence the outcome from the bottom up. It is also designed to assess the level of engagement in international trade between companies in Europe before and after the Referendum. The results of this survey will support the ‘Brexit Ambition’ project which aims to carry on making Europe work for businesses.


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Olivier Campenon, Franco- British Chamber Brexit: Where are we now  (English) / Brexit: Ou en nous sommes (French)
TOUT Risk Manager, AMRAE Brexit: Quels impacts pour quels risques?
Jo Merkins, EUROPP Blog The High Court Ruling explained: An embarrassing lesson for Theresa May’s government
Philippe Ruttley, Ince & Co New Legal Challenge to Brexit
Philippe Ruttley, Ince & Co The UK Parliament votes to support the Government’s Brexit negotiating timetable
Annick Masounave, L’AgefiHebdo Le Rouyaume- Uni veut tenir son agenda


KPMG  Managing Brexit /  enter the  KPMG Brexit Portal for in-depth, specialised sector analysis.

EY (Ernst & Young) Working through Uncertainty


BFM, Olivier Campenon : 23 juin 2016: une date historique pour l’UE? – 23/06
BFM, Les Decodeurs de l’Eco – Olivier Campenon :Faut-il avoir peur de Theresa May ? – 20/10
BFM, Les Decodeurs de l’Eco – Olivier Campenon: Brexit: Le gouvernement britannique joue-t-il les amateurs? – 15/11
KPMG, Karen Briggs (Head of Brexit): Focus on four reasons for Brexit success
Financial Times, Lloyd’s of London to establish EU base in the new year



Paris, 02/02/2017 The Impact of Brexit on the aviation, automotive and shipping industries.



Paris, 03/06/2016 The Brexit Effect: The Economic and Legal Impacts  of leaving the EU for UK
Paris, 23/06/2016 Referendum Cocktail
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aris 24/11/2016 Brexit: New Developments and Consequences