Comment Réussir vos Négociations avec vos Partenaires Anglais et Irlandais

On the 9th November and in partnership with Network Ireland, the chamber welcomed members and non-members to a breakfast conducted in French following the publishing of the book “Communiquer, négocier et travailler efficacement avec des partenaires du Royaume Uni et de l’Irlande”.

The authors Niamh Browne-Tixier and Laure Dykstra opened our eyes to the changes in negotiating since Brexit. Although the presentation firstly introduced to us the differences between our Irish and our British partners, whilst we often overlook these differences, Brexit has affected them both.The authors made this clear to us and explained how these changes have affected business. The event ended on questions and answers that showed different opinions regarding the way the French feel when negotiating and working with their British and Irish partners, allowing the authors to recommended and promote their book.