Congratulations to our President, appointed to the board of Paris's Professional Women's Network | Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Congratulations to our President, appointed to the board of Paris’s Professional Women’s Network


The Professional Women’s Network (PWN), the first network of executive women in the world has just opened up their advisory board to men, with the appointment of three men, including our president Olivier Campenon.

PWN’s goal in opening their network to men is to change their mindset, involve them in discussions on equality between men and women, and encourage them to defend women’s rights in the professional arena.

The three men appointed are all recognised businessmen and innovators in their respective fields. Notably, Olivier Campenon, who has been the president of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce since June 2016.

This appointment coincides with the ongoing efforts undertaken by the Chamber on improving equality for men and women, as seen with our recent conference, “Is it Still a Man’s World?”, which took place on 9th March, for International Women’s Day.

See press release here.


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