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December’s SME: Digital Mutation


The SME Breakfast Meetings offer Small and Medium sized-businesses a chance to network, exchange ideas, challenges and solutions in the form of a roundtable breakfast event. December’s SME was focused around the increasing role and reliance on digital technology in today’s world and the drastic changes which face businesses.
We were delighted to welcome Robin Young, of First Point Communications, who opened the event with a detailed presentation outlining the role of digital technology across the world and the new trends and latest developments which have revolutionised the way in which we live.

With websites becoming a dying art form, the appearance of apps in our day to day lives has rapidly increased. From helping to avoid paying parking fines to alerting you to when you are close to an item you viewed online, apps certainly facility ate our lives through their increased efficiency.

Further in his presentation, Mr. Young explored digitalisation in the different economies of the world, which saw the UK as e-commerce giants, with 77% of the population purchasing goods online in the past month before continuing onto the usage of social media globally.

South Korea tipped the leader board in January 2016 in terms of social media use by country at 76%. However, this same country is notably lower on the table in terms of time spending only 1.1 hours per day on social media. This correlation echoed Mr. Young’s previous comments on the consumer’s need for efficiency, which is provided by apps.

The question was asked, ‘does this boost in efficiency from technology mean a future with more technology and less people?’. While the consumer actively seeks efficiency, this global digitalisation could have negative implications on the recruitment sector, with companies turning in favour of “chat bots” to manage their online forums rather than the extra cost of employment.

As the event came to a close, conversation turned to Brexit and the possible impact on the digital revolution. The digitalisation of the world as a whole could mean that Brexit may have little impact;   International business communications can rely wholly on the internet; more people have the ability to work from home; technological advances could see less need for importing/exporting certain goods with manufacturing firms able to produce previously imported materials on-site.

Please click here to view the full presentation.

The first SME of the New Year is due to take place on the 10thJanuary with subscription for members only open here.


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