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The Member-to-Member programme allows FBCCI members from a range of business sectors to share promotional offers with each other. Members can use the  scheme to advertise promotional offers that they have recently released, for the exclusive benefit of their fellow FBCCI members. There is NO COST to join the programme, the only stipulation is that you are a paying member of the Chamber.

Here are the current Member-to-Member offers. For more information, please click on the company name you wish to look at.

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Easy Rental Services is an agency dedicated to short term lettings located in London and Paris. They offer great property management services to busy people. They work very closely with Airbnb and other short term booking platform to advertise and rent out the properties they manage. They also offer great services to business travellers and tourists who want to visit London and Paris.

Special Offer for FBCCI Members:

To the guests: 10% off the first 2 nights of your stay or 10% off the total nightly rates if you book more than 7 nights one of our flats.

To the hosts: If you want us to manage your property (we manage the listing on Airbnb, the bookings process, the check in and check out in person, cleaning, laundry, maintenance, emergency calls,…) for a minimum of 3 months per year, we offer £100 / €100 on your first invoice!

Contact: Aurélie Ruiz
Email: aurelie@easy-rental-services.com
Telephone: +44 7817 722073
Website: http://www.easy-rental-services.com
Address: 22 Highbury Grove, N5 2EF London

Contact Paris: Alexandra Prin
Email: alexandra@easy-rental-services.com
Telephone: +336 34 41 77 23   

Contact London: Delphine Siard
Email: delphine@easy-rental-services.com
Telephone:+44 7463 192393
Website: http://www.easy-rental-services.com
Address: 22 Highbury Grove, N5 2EF London