How to turn a Presentation into a work of art with State of the Art Presentations (SOAP)

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Know your objective, understand your audience, spark interest, maintain attention; the four most important aspects to creating the perfect presentation, according to professionals at SOAP (State of the Art Presentations).

On the morning of February the 3rd 2015, the Chamber welcomed representatives from SOAP, who delivered a presentation to guests on how to execute the perfect presentation. Monica Sweet, Managing Partner of SOAP, began by highlighting the importance of a presentation as being the closing phase of any deal, whether it be a product or an idea you are trying to sell. For that product or idea to be sold through the power of a presentation, Monica’s strong advice is to incorporate less text and more images. An effective presentation consists of 65% of images and only 10% of words. Secondly, she encourages you to think about which aspect of your presentation you would like each one of your audience to go home and tell their wives/husbands about; create a story behind that aspect, add colours and icons to it, make it stand out as much as possible. Thirdly, structure your argument; a simple point that is frequently forgotten by many presenters. Lastly, it isn’t just about the presentation, it’s about the presenter. Try to connect with your audience; we are all human. An enthusiastic presenter will maintain people’s attention. A good presentation will prove that you are a professional at what you do.

It is highly likely that we have all fallen asleep during one or two presentations in our time, and SOAP can teach you how to avoid that happening during your presentation. Do click here to take a look at SOAP’s website or contact Monica Sweet directly by email on .