Selling Value to Executives: Opportunities and Pitfalls


Wednesday 3rd of February

Received in the refined Saloon Club of Hôtel des Arts et Métiers, the Franco British Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Selling to Executives welcomed CEO’s, Vice-Presidents and Heads of large Sales departments for an intensive session on how to approach and sell to your prospect executive. For this “Selling Value to Executives: Opportunities and Pitfalls” session we had the honour of welcoming three experienced senior executives:

Jacques Sciammas, who has held the roles of COO and CFO for several large corporations including Charles Schwab, McGraw-Hill, Standard & Poor’s and TWA, where he was in charge of the Capital Committee responsible for major investment decisions.

Jacques has conducted numerous executive workshops and keynote presentations globally on building C-level relationships and successful selling to executives.

Reinhard Bockstette, ex CEO, EVP, and Board Member of RJR/Nabisco, Dun & Bradstreet, Hilti and Royal Nedlloyd. All these functions entailed major buying and capital investment decisions. Reinhard has also conducted numerous workshops and given keynote speeches globally, all focused on delivering value to customers.

Marc Toillier, was in charge of key corporate investments across a diversified portfolio of sectors and businesses. He also served as a CEO or COO at several industry leading corporations such as Ascom, Gunnebo-Fichet-Bauche, AluSuisse-Lonza and PWC.

Interaction, tailor made presentations and real cases are the best words to describe this masterclass. Using all their experience, the speakers discussed with the group very interesting cases they had encountered in their career. This made the meeting very interactive and allowed the guests to reflect this knowledge to their own work. As selling to an executive is not learnt in a day, Selling to Executives offers training programmes where the “seller” will learn all the ins and outs of the process. The Franco British Chamber would like to refer you to their WEBSITE, as we believe that these could help in developing business.

Such an intensive meeting with lots of food for thought requires refreshments which were served in the form of a nice glass of wine and a French “canapé”, leading to further exchanges on this subject.

The Franco British Chamber of Commerce & Industry would like to thank Jacques Sciammas, organiser of this Selling to Executives session, and his two colleagues Reinhard Bockstette and Marc Toillier. As both parties have received more interest from companies, we will be working more often together to make sure everyone has the chance to learn from these specialists.