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Should I Call you Dr? Crystallizing & Communicating Your Expertise


On Wednesday 11th May, early birds flocked to the Franco-British Chamber for the Ecole des Ponts breakfast briefing on their newly launched Executive DBA. Over coffee and croissants, enthusiastic guests were given an introduction to the visionary Doctorate which has the aim of consolidating work experience and expertise into a recognised accreditation.

Attendees at the breakfast came from a wide range of sectors from digital to consultancy to communications, and were all pleasantly surprised to discover that the DBA was adaptable to all of these industries. Executive Dean Alon Rozen, Professor Emeritus, Suman Modwel and Professor Desmond McGetrick opened the Doctorate discussions with an outline of the programme and process before guests had the opportunity to field their questions.

To summarise the mornings’ discussions, the Executive DBA is a practise based programme that is centred on your personal expertise and will differentiate you from others in your field whilst also reinforcing your position.

Need more convincing? Read on below.

Why should I start the Executive DBA?

The Executive DBA uses your real life experience to further develop your knowledge and consolidate it, thus associating your name with a specific area of expertise.

Why should I study at Ecole des Ponts?

The École des Ponts Business School is an internationally-accredited business school located in Paris. The Business School has been delivering MBAs and management programmes since 1987 with nearly 6,000 graduates to date in Paris and around the world.

To learn more please click here.  (link to EdP website)

What do you mean by practise based?

The DBA is broken down into 3 main parts – research, teaching and publication. The first section of teaching refers to a case study you would create based on the work/discoveries of one of your clients. The second, research, is a case study of the various Anglo-Saxon research methods which will then be applied to your field of expertise. The final component is an article which analyses and presents your area of expertise with the aim of publication in an academic journal. It should also be noted that the article can be published in your mother tongue, demonstrating that academia has no cultural or linguistic barriers.

Will I received guidance throughout the programme?

A fundamental feature of the Executive DBA is the Action Learning Lab which focuses on metareflection. You will receive coaching throughout the process from both your mentors and peers. As the DBA can be customised to your expertise, you can address 3 different domains in the programme and for each of these domains you will be linked with a supervisor who is an expert in the respective field.

Who is suitable?

It should be noted that in order to be eligible you must already have an MBA or MA and at least 10 years professional experience. The theory is that the more experience you have, the more you will be able to refer back to it.

I work full time, will I be able to do the DBA?

As the Executive DBA is aimed at professionals, the programme is adapted to suit their hectic schedules. The classes also take place in the centre of Paris in the 8th arrondissement.

How many years will it take?

The aim is to complete the DBA in two years but some may take three or four years. The maximum time you can take is five years from start to end.

I’m convinced, when can I start?

After the admissions process is completed and you are approved for the programme, classes commence in November 2016.

Sounds too good to be true? Discover the DBA here and make your decision.


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