SME Breakfast – 3rd October 2017

SME Breakfast 3rd October 2017

9:00 – 10:30

Franco-British Chamber, 63 Avenue de Villiers 75017 Paris

The SME breakfast is an ideal networking opportunity for all small and medium business owners looking to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and find solutions in the form of a roundtable breakfast event.

Please note that our SME Breakfasts are reserved uniquely for paying Members of the Franco-British Chamber.


This event will be held with Guy Bondonneau and Micky Keeren of


Cross-cultural today is everywhere, in day to day management, in negotiations, Brexit or other, in team work, in marketing, in your and my daily life.

It is possible to make the most of cultural diversity,

  • to create cross-cultural synergies to find more imaginative solutions,
  • to get better negotiations outcomes,
  • to improve team work

Discover how, around French croissants and coffee or English tea (sorry, no scones).

WCT Cross-cultural helps executives and teams to leverage cross-cultural synergies to convert obstacles into opportunities.


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