SME Breakfast – 6th March 2018 | Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry

SME Breakfast – 6th March 2018


SME Breakfast 

This month’s SME Breakfast was a networking session focused on the challenges and opportunities members faced in their businesses. The session saw the gathering of an impressive range of Chamber members of various professions; from business consultants to hat makers, from translators to travel agencies specialised in sports.

The group started by introducing their company and tried to summarise their professional activity in just two memorable words. Members then challenged one another on the clarity of the two-word summaries and asked further questions on the nature of each other’s work. The difference between payslips and payroll, bilingualism in children and even the 10 dimensions in culture were just some of the aspects discussed during the session. A Member-to-Member offer was even struck across the table as people talked about what challenges their company was currently facing, or the opportunities they themselves could offer.

The breakfast was a great way to draw people together in a casual and friendly environment and encourage them to work better together, as they were given the chance to talk about what their companies really excelled at.

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