A Summit between ‘Voisins’ – Olivier Campenon, President


A Summit between ‘Voisins’

French President Emmanuel Macron and British PM Theresa May met at a bilateral summit, the 35th between France and the UK mid-January with a jam-packed agenda at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Yet another summit? Actually, the situation is quite different from the previous Franco-British summit in Amiens: new leaders, reversed power balance and a Brexit negotiation as a background even if that topic was not on the agenda.

Two years after, the key subjects are the same though: migration control, security and military co-operation. And the good news is that these three topics have seen a further commitment from both parts to work together:

  • New treaty to strengthen the joint management of the countries’ shared border, with an additional £50 million in UK support;
  • Meeting between the French and British intelligence agencies;
  • The UK-France Combined Joint Expeditionary Force ready to deploy up to 10,000 troops quickly and effectively to face any threat by 2020.

These are important steps forward in the Franco-British relationship and a renewed message that the UK will remain anchored to the European continent. And both leaders strengthened the theme of a shared future, opening their wallet for stimulating exchanges between France and the UK for Schools, Culture, and sports.

No surprise though, the elephant in the room of this Franco-British summit was ‘Brexit’. And Theresa May looked for support from her counterpart to identify a customised solution post-Brexit. Emmanuel Macron answer was clear and in English: ‘be my guest’; a gentle tone for a strong position from the leader who is perceived as driving the EU destiny.

Brexit negotiations will be long and complex!



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