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The implications of the June 2016 referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union have created an unprecedented demand amongst our members for clarity at a time of contrasting messages from the media.

In our Brexit Hub we bring together commentary not only from the Franco-British Chamber and our members, but also information from sources we identify as being pertinent to this debate. We’ll also add links to Brexit themed events which the Franco-British Chamber and our partners organize.

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25/04/2019 UK growth likely to rise above 1.5% next year, says thinktank

19/04/2019 Free tuition to continue for EU students in Scotland

12/04/2019 What happens now the UK’s Brexit date has been extended?


Brexit Update 26/03/2019


Preparing for Brexit – Customs Guidelines 

27/02/2019 MEDEF Nouvelles d’Outre-Manche

13/02/2019 Ford warns no-deal Brexit would be ‘catastrophic’

12/02/2019 Brexit : are we running out of time?

11/02/2019 UK signs Brexit trade continuity deal with Switzerland

10/02/2019 What effect has Brexit has on the UK Economy?

06/02/2019 UK can avoid no-deal Brexit recession, says economic forecaster


31/01/2019 Brexit : How ready is the UK government for no deal?

26/01/2019 UK begins stockpiling at military bases to prepare for no-deal

11/01/2019 No-deal Brexit to put thousands of UK jobs at risk and cut GDP by up to 8%, business group warns

11/01/2019 Hunt says Parliament will try to stop no deal : Brexit Update 



40 reasons to back the Brexit deal
By Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street- Read here


Brexit: What does the draft withdrawal agreement reveal?
By the BBC – Read here


Irlande du Nord, droit de résidence, engagements financiers : les principaux points de l’accord sur le Brexit
Par France Info – Read here


Brexit Withdrawal Agreement
By The European Commission – Read here




‘Se préparer à la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l’Union européenne’
By The Ministry of Economy and Finance in France –Read here


‘How businesses are preparing for Brexit’

By  CBI – the UK’s premier business organisation – Read here


‘Guide du Brexit pour les entreprises françaises’

By  MEDEF – First network of entrepreneurs in France – Read here


 New research gives European businesses a voice on Brexit concerns
See the reports in French and English, and the full COBCOE press release here




16 janvier 2019 – BFM Business Inside Business – Thierry Drilhon  ‘Faut-il se préparer au  pire des scénarios?’

18 janvier 2019 – France 24 avec Michel de Fabiani – ‘Brexit : Quel impact économique en cas de ‘No Deal’ ?’

15 janvier 2019 – FranceInfo L’interview éco – Brexit : La Chambre de commerce franco-britannique se prépare à “un black-out pendant un certain temps”

12 décembre 2018 – International & Business: ‘Theresa May remporte la vote de défiance’

7 décembre 2018 –  L’opinion tribune libre : ‘Brexit: appel au Parlement britannique pour un «remain» économique’

6 septembre 2018 Brexit Update, Thierry Drilhon – Click here to read more



 White Paper –  The future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union Read here  



“The UK and EU agree terms for Brexit Transition period” Read here

“Résumé du papier relatif à l’accord douanier”/ “Summary of the future customs agreement
paper” Read here.

“La vision britannique sur l’échange et la protection des données”/ “The British view on the exchange and protection of data”. Read here.

“La position britannique sur les marchandises”/ “The British view on goods”Read here.




13/02/2019 Ford warns no-deal Brexit would be ‘catastrophic’

12/02/2019 Brexit : are we running out of time?

11/02/2019 UK signs Brexit trade continuity deal with Switzerland

10/02/2019 What effect has Brexit has on the UK Economy?

06/02/2019 UK can avoid no-deal Brexit recession, says economic forecaster


31/01/2019 Brexit : How ready is the UK government for no deal?

26/01/2019 UK begins stockpiling at military bases to prepare for no-deal

11/01/2019 No-deal Brexit to put thousands of UK jobs at risk and cut GDP by up to 8%, business group warns

11/01/2019 Hunt says Parliament will try to stop no deal : Brexit Update 


18/12/2018 Asos shock shows UK’s economic problems extend beyond high street

18/12/2018 No-deal Brexit plans put 3,500 troops on standby

18/12/2018 There are some big warning signs for the U.K. Economy

14/12/2018 Brexit : No visa but Britons will pay €7 to travel to EU countries


30/11/2018 Nine in 10 firms say Brexit affecting recruitment – CBI

28/11/2018  No-Deal Brexit Could Wipe 10.7% Off U.K. Economy Over 15 Years 

25/11/2018  Brexit deal explained: backstops, trade and citizens’ rights


19/10/2018 PWC Brexit Update

17/10/2018 Germany and France start to draw up no-deal Brexit contingency plans

18/10/2018 A Markets’ Guide to Soft Brexit, If and When It Finally Happens

12/10/2018 Brexit: Eurorstar services ‘could be disrupted by no-deal’

02/10/2018 Brexit: EU migrants won’t get special treatment, May says


28/09/18 UK nationals would suffer under skills-based immigration

28/09/18 Most U.K. businesses aren’t preparing for Brexit yet

26/09/2018 Business leaders express fears about a ‘bad Brexit’


30/08/18 Brexit expected to boost UK apprenticeship programme

PWC France Adapting to a Post-Brexit Market

23/08/18 Most Brits think U.K. will leave EU without a deal, report finds

22/08/18 U.K.’s Raab wants business as usual after a ‘No Deal’ Brexit

03/08/18 Brexit: Macron et May au fort de Brégançon


24/07/18 What ‘no deal Brexit’ means and how it may be averted

22/07/18 Dominic Raab : We can get Brexit deal done by October 

16/07/18 Brexit: MPs hear plea to protect NI family farms

16/07/18 French central bank presses UK fintech companies on Brexit strategy 

15/07/18 Brexit : l’Autorité bancaire européenne choisit le quariter La Défense pour s’installer 

13/07/18 What U.K.s Brexit ‘equivalence’ plan means for banks 

12/07/18 Brexit: le financement pour les etudiants restera la meme

09/07/18  Brexit Delivers Blow to British Finance as Investments Slide

05/07/18 UK Car Sales drop as manufacturers warn Brexit is hurting the industry

05/07/18 Pharma Giant Merck is Planning for a Brexit Supply Blackout 

04/07/18 Government publishes plan an independent fisheries policy 


30/06/18  Surge in Britain’s getting EU Nationality 

22/06/18 Fruit Industry calls for seasonal permit to avoid post-Brexit labour shortage 

22/06/18 Airbus Chief: Brexit ‘chaos’ endangering UK operations 

11/06/18 Greater Fear of Brexit in food and drink sectors, says Ibec 

09/06/18 Brexit : Damage to UK economy already  already happening, according to new foreign investment report 

05/06/18 The Irish Border after Brexit 



29/05/18 Brexit casts a shadow of uncertainty over UK aviation 

28/05/18 Food and Farming sector makes post-Brexit demands 

28/05/18 Brexit: en Europe, Paris peut devenir un pôle majeur de la finance 

24/05/18 Brexit Red Tape will shrink Irish-U.K. Trade, Central Bank says 

22/05/18 Britons reluctant to appear part of a British expat community in France – Brexit could change that 

22/05/18 Leaving Spaceship Europe : British space policy after Brexit 

21/05/18 May: UK wants ‘option’ to associate to EU research post-Brexit 

21/05/18 Brexit blamed for dramatic fall in UK business registrations 

15/05/18 CNBC – EasyJet CEO : I’m confident that there will be a Brexit aviation deal 

08/05/18 Fishy Brexit Dilemma : Want out of the EU but need the market 

07/05/18 Forbes – How you hire people before Brexit woes hit according to Linkedin 

04/05/18 Institute of Economic Affairs – Brexit can improve UK’s financial services industry, argues new report 

04/05/18 Open Europe – The Daily Shakeup : Daily Highlights of Brexit News 

04/05/18 Bloomberg – Brexit Bulletin : A new chapter 

04/05/18 The Independent – Bank of America moving 125 jobs to Ireland because of Brexit 

03/05/18 Savills Blog – Brexit fails to dampen employment demand in the City 

02/05/18 Raconteur – Are UK Fintech firms ready for Brexit? 



31/04/18 Chartered Institute of Public Relations CIPR – CIPR Brexit Monthly Report 

26/04/18 Silicon Republic – What does Brexit mean for the Biopharma industry? 

26/04/18 Guardian – UK Car Production falls on Brexit fears and diesel sales slump 

25/04/18 Financial Times – Customs Union: the battleground set to decide the fate of Brexit 

23/04/18 Financial Times – Rudd: EU registration easy as ‘setting up LK Bennett account’

23/04/18 CNBC Europe – Safe but boring? UK economy look stable but sluggish, forecast says 

23/04/18 BBC – Clarity Call on VAT on cross-border trade after Brexit 

19/04/8 Hogan Lovells – Contract Analysis : An intelligent approach




14th June 2018 – Brexit and Intellectual Property Breakfast in association with Quantic Avocats – to find out more click here.

19th June 2018 – Brexit and other Political Risk in Europe in association with Political Edge – to find out more click here.

20th June 2018 – The Impact of Brexit on Air Travel in association with London City Airport – to find out more click here

Date TBC – Brexit Talks in association with Eversheds and Lloyds – to find out more click here.



The UK House of Commons of Library has prepared a handy guide to all the parliamentary reports prepared on the subject of Brexit. Find it here

The European Council’s guidelines for Brexit negotiations are also a useful resource. Find them here


The Government has published its White Paper setting out Theresa May’s plans for leaving the European Union. The document restates the 12 principles for Brexit that the Prime   Minister set out in her Lancaster House speech last month.Brexit Secretary David Davis told the House of Commons that the UK seeks “a new strategic partnership” for when it leaves the single market and wants trade to be “as free and frictionless as possible” in this new arrangement.


On the day the government published its formal Brexit white paper, the document, drawn up by groups in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Italy, urged it to recognise as its key principle that UK citizens currently in the EU must be “expressly treated as continuing to have the same rights as they did before Brexit”


The Health Committee is taking an interest in British expats because Brits who are not in the French system can access medical care in France using the S1 form.  Under EU freedom of movement regulations, the costs of such medical care are paid by the NHS in the UK.  UK expats therefore represent a small proportion of the NHS’s total costs, but that could increase if those concerned were forced to return to the UK as a result of Brexit. If no suitable agreement is concluded between the UK and the EU by Brexit Day 2019, the S1 arrangements will immediately cease, and hundreds of thousands of UK citizens (mainly pensioners) will lose their health cover overnight.


APRIL 2018

04/04/18 Brexit Association Debate at Maison des Centraliens – Olivier Campenon, Live Stream Debate 

MARCH 2018

20/03/18  Actu CCI – Olivier Campenon, «CCI Franco-Britannique : Brexit, un an après la ratification quel constat s’impose ?»


01/08/2017 Les Echos – Olivier Campenon, « Les premiers effets du Brexit se font déjà sentir »

JUNE 2017

08/06/2017 YouTube – Olivier Campenon, The impacts of the UK elections for business

MAY 2017

  • 06/05/2017 France Inter, On n’arrête Pas l’éco – Olivier CampenonBrexit


APRIL 2017


MARCH 2017








Remain in France: Freedom of Movement 

Bloomberg Politics: How Theresa May will navigate the perilous road to Brexit 

Institut Delors: Brexit Transition Mode d’Emploi (français) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Brexit Galaxy (english)

Institut Delors: Le Brexit et L’Imbroglio Frontalier Irlandais (français) The Rocky Road to Brexit (english)

Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond : Financial Services and the effect of Brexit Speech

MEDEF: Guide du Brexit pour les entreprises francaises

David Davis: Foundations of the Future Economic Partnership Speech  

Conference: A month of negotiation, how far have we come? (Podcast in English)

Olivier Campenon, Franco- British Chamber Brexit: Where are we now  (English) / Brexit: Ou en nous sommes (French)

TOUT Risk Manager, AMRAE Brexit: Quels impacts pour quels risques?

Jo Merkins, EUROPP Blog The High Court Ruling explained: An embarrassing lesson for Theresa May’s government

Philippe Ruttley, Ince & Co New Legal Challenge to Brexit

Philippe Ruttley, Ince & Co The UK Parliament votes to support the Government’s Brexit negotiating timetable

Annick Masounave, L’AgefiHebdo Le Rouyaume- Uni veut tenir son agenda

Christiane Perruchout, Traces Ecrites Voeux 2017: la montée des populismes fait peur aux acteurs économiques

11/01/2017 NewsDijon, Le Medef présente ses voeux et craint “le populisme

IATA – The Impact of Brexit on UK air transport

COBCOE’s Brexit Ambition

Peter Ungphakorn – How could WTO trade agreements impact services?

Aditya Aney, Alberto Gallo, Pablo Morenes, Tao Pan – World Economic Forum – Brexit could be the best thing that happened to the European Union




Eversheds Sutherland – Brexit Business Legal Advice
BDO – 60 Second Brexit Poll 
EY (Ernst & Young) Working through Uncertainty
KPMG The Impact of Brexit
Hogan Lovells Brexit Hub
Theresa May, The Government’s 12 Negotiating Objectives for Brexit
BBC, UK votes Leave
KPMG, Karen Briggs (Head of Brexit): Focus on four reasons for Brexit success
Hogan Lovells, Susan Bright Brexit Toolkit



Online, 16/05/2018 Robert Schuman Foundation and Linklaters : Webinar J11 mois? 
Paris, 05/04/2018 Twelve Months to Go: What to Expect Regarding Brexit in association with NetworkIrlande
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