Brexit what can we expect?


Brexit what can we expect?

The next EU summit is only a month from now. Is there any chance to make a breakthrough in divorce talks by then? If not, the trade discussions will be further postponed and the on-going uncertainty might lead many companies to start implementing their contingency plan.

Yes, the coming days are critical on the Brexit impact on businesses short term…

Hopefully, in the couple of recent events organized by the Chamber, Nicolas Bouzou, the famous economist, has been optimistic on the long-term future. His analysis is that globalisation has made protectionism an obsolete concept and that the UK and France will carry on trading and being close partners in the long run. Business is no longer simply an exchange of goods, but technology has allowed businesses to manage a global database. He even envisages that the UK will become a sort of quasi member of the EU, as they are part of the European civilisation.

He recognises though the challenge ahead for the coming years – as it might take five years to get to a new deal. And that uncertainty is a real potential prejudice to the economy, particularly in the UK. In addition, Nicolas made it clear that it is important that a deal should be struck to allow the best and brightest people to travel for employment.

For business sake, let’s still hope that Brexit is on the agenda at December’s crucial EU summit


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