Economics breakfast conference- 9 November 2017

Breakfast Conference in association with Magellan

A buffet and networking event with speaker Nicolas Bouzou on the theme of:

“Quelles relations entre l’Union Européenne et le Royaume-Uni après le Brexit?”

What are the perspectives of the relationship between the EU and the UK?

On Thursday 9th November, the Chamber and accountancy firm Magellan hosted an event on the theme of future Franco-British relations after Brexit, with economist and essayist Nicolas Bouzou. The economic breakfast conference was held at the beautiful Jardin d’Hiver in the Musée National Jean-Jacques Henner – which houses hundreds of pieces of art tucked away off Avenue de Villiers. The Jardin d’Hiver provided a bright and spacious room for over 45 guests who were greeted with a buffet breakfast.

Lazare Khelifi, associate accountant of Magellan, opened the conference and thanked everyone for coming.  He then welcomed Frédérick Lacroix, head of Clifford Chance’s financial services and asset management practice in Paris onto the stage who offered his financial opinions and outlook on Brexit. He particularly spoke about British banks’ “passport” within the European network – what they can do and specifically, where, once out of the EU. He gave an outline of the potential prospects for financial services post-Brexit, both the “optimistic” ones and the less-optimistic ones.

Without failing to make people laugh, Nicolas Bouzou then captivated the audience and delivered his speech and thoughts on Brexit – focusing on business relations between France and Britain, although most definitely taking an optimistic approach. In summary, he does not believe there is a lot to worry about regarding long-term future Franco-British relations and that these already intimate financial relationships will not be fractured. Globalisation signifies international commerce as well as a continual cultural exchange and this will not change.  He emphasised that despite voting to leave the EU (a decision that cannot be reverted), he thinks that Britain will remain a “quasi-member”; thus benefiting from the all the EU has to offer and European countries benefitting from the UK. This optimistic approach, despite the murkiness of negotiations, was maintained throughout the whole presentation with the very essence of his argument being that Brexit negotiations will be harder than any actual outcome of Brexit.

President of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce, Olivier Campenon joined Nicolas and Lazare on stage to both ask and answer some wide ranging and interesting questions, legal and financial. 

This event was by invitation only.