11 March 2021

FI Group- Global Consulting Company specialising in the management of R&D Tax Reliefs and R&D Grants.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, It is present in 13 countries : Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain, UK and USA.
FI Group helps companies finance innovation and secure funding for their Research and Development (R&D) activities through the comprehensive management of R&D Grants and Tax incentives.

They advise their clients on how to optimise their R&D activities and drive company growth.
FI Group accompanies Start-ups to Large companies in their development, providing them with technical advice and fiscal engineering services. Their optimised financial solutions are based on their specialist understanding of the R&D incentive programmes available in each country, as well as the complex legislation that surrounds them.

Their teams consist of more than 1,200 international scientific and technical experts who base their work on Integrity, Professionalism and Empathy; 80% are graduates and PhDs specialized in the sectors in which our clients operate including ICT, manufacturing, chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, food industry, renewable energy and any other scientific sector.

At the global level, FI Group works with over 13,500 satisfied clients, managing more than 20,000 projects a year.

To learn more about FI Group and to get any further information:
Matteo Pace, international Business Developer
Email: matteo.pace@fi-group.com
Phone: +44 7 932 050 246
Email: International@fi-group.com