february, 2019

21feb8:30 am- 10:30 amBusiness Breakfast in partnership with April - 21st February 20198:30 am - 10:30 am


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Business Breakfast in Partnership with April

Comment bien gérer le retour d’expatriation de vos collaborateurs ?

APRIL International Care propose une palette de solutions d’assurance internationale, à la carte ou clé en main, pour les particuliers expatriés et entreprises. Ce rendez-vous sera l’occasion de découvrir MyHealth France, nouvelle solution d’assurance pour les expatriés anglophones en France.

Intervenant: Marco Sgarbi, Directeur commercial at APRIL International Care France


Please  find below the write up for this breakfast event : 

On Thursday 21st February, the Chamber welcomed APRIL International Care for a presentation on expatriation of employees. APRIL International Care is the entity which carries the APRIL group’s mobility offerings (international health insurance and travel insurance). APRIL International Care designs, distributes and manages insurance solutions and assistance services for individuals, travellers, expatriates and businesses. The presentation was led by Marco Sgarbi, Sales Director at APRIL International Care France.

The presentation focused on the impact of Brexit for expatriates living in both the UK and France as well as APRIL’s new insurance scheme, MyHealth France. The new insurance solution acts as a top-up to French social security as a health insurance solution designed for expats in France.

To begin the presentation, APRIL presented the audience with some current Brexit statistics, which showed that 83% of those French expats surveyed stated that Brexit was a source of concern and 80% of respondents felt insufficiently informed by their company concerning Brexit. Brexit, undoubtedly, will have a huge impact for British businesses and citizens. In 2019 alone, 3,000 British citizens applied for French nationality since the recent Brexit negotiations.

For those British citizens who wish to move to France, there are 2 scenarios. If the citizen is employed, the employer must ensure that the employee is affiliated to the French social security system and inform him/her of the formalities to be followed. If the expatriate is not an employee, they would lose all coverage in his/her country of origin, however the expat would be eligible for the PUMa provided they have been a permanent resident for 3 months in France. (Nevertheless a private health insurance is recommended for full cover.) PUMa (“Protection Universelle Maladie”) ensures that everyone working or residing in France on a stable and regular basis, benefits from the payment of all or part of health expenses.

The insurance scheme MyHealth France, a solution designed for expats in France, was explained to guests. The scheme is incredibly valuable for expats, providing coverage in accordance with French legislation at sustainable rates and provides English-speaking advisors and customer support.

APRIL informed guests of the key points, from an employer’s point of view, relating to the return of French expats to France. The importance of understanding the challenges and reasons for the expatriate’s return was highlighted. As well as the need to anticipate management and support based around 3 main ideas:

  • professional: to value the skills and knowledge acquired, reintegration etc.
  • administrative: relocation, re-enrolment in health insurance, etc.
  • social: integrate the expatriate’s spouse/family etc.

We would like to thank APRIL for their presentation. It was incredibly insightful and useful for all those in attendance, particularly with UK’s exit from the EU drawing closer and closer. For more information about MyHealth France please visit https://fr.april-international.com/en/schengen-visa-coming-france/myhealth-france.








8:30 am - 10:30 am


Franco British Chamber of Commerce & Industry

63 Avenue de Villiers, 75017 PARIS

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