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25sep8:30 am- 10:00 am“REVOLUTION FRANCAISE Où le regard d’une journaliste étrangère sur la France d’Emmanuel Macron”8:30 am - 10:00 am


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Où le regard d’une journaliste étrangère sur la France d’Emmanuel Macron”

Author of the book : Sophie Pedder, Paris Bureau Chief of the Economist

On the 25th September the Chamber had the pleasure of welcoming Sophie Pedder, Paris Bureau Chief of the Economist, for a presentation and interactive Q&A on her recently published book, Revolution Française.

The book is a first-hand analysis by a foreign journalist of Emmanuel Macron’s France. Sophie Pedder first met President Macron in 2012 whilst he was working alongside François Hollande and followed the President during his 2017 campaign. Revolution Française gives an in-depth analysis of Macron’s quest to reinvent France and his rise from independent outsider to the Elysée Palace.

Sophie began the presentation with a brief analysis of Macron’s rise to power and his first year in office. She spoke of Macron as an ambitious leader whose focus is to build a strong and stable Europe. He is a strong believer in diplomacy of dialogue and is effective at building relationships with other global leaders, even though there is limited return at times.

Sophie discussed the perception of Macron in terms of transformation vs reality. The President has often said that one must judge his impact after 5 years of presidency instead of his impact today. Many of his policies have indeed had an immediate impact, for example the reduction in unfair dismissals going to prud’hommes and his work on cutting class sizes in some of the most deprived areas in France. Nevertheless areas such as public spending and the reduction in the number of civil servants have barely been touched.

Sophie continued to analyse Macron’s personality traits and the impact of this on his popularity as the President of France. He is often perceived as arrogant, perhaps due to his lack of communication with the media and the common public perception of solely being a president of the rich. Sophie argued that this negative image needs to be addressed if declining popularity is not to impact public policy.

The issue of Brexit was also discussed, particularly in relation to Macron’s views on Europe. The President is a strong believer in Europe and has been firm and consistent in his stance regarding Brexit for the UK, arguing that Europe cannot offer a better deal to a state outside the EU than it does to its own members.

On behalf of the Chamber we would like to thank Sophie Pedder for her time in giving this interactive and informative presentation. It was an incredibly popular and insightful event and one which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. The breakfast concluded with coffee, croissants and networking.

Revolution Française is on sale now for €29.90 in the Galignani Bookshop:
224, rue de Rivoli – Paris 75001

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8:30 am - 10:00 am

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