december, 2018

5dec9:00 am- 10:30 amSME Breakfast - Prélèvement à la source - 5th December9:00 am - 10:30 am


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Thème: Prélèvement à la source

Our December SME Breakfast was led by Etienne Pujol and Melissa Pun from Andersen Tax & Legal/ STC Partners, with input from Nicolas Charlet and Nassera Saadi from Magellan. The theme was ‘Prélèvement à la source’, the new Pay as You Earn regulations in France, which will come into force on the 1st January next year.

Etienne and Melissa explained that the new rules would eliminate the time-gap between receiving your income and paying your tax on it. There are 3 important tasks for employers. The first is to retrieve the tax rates calculated by DGFiP (Direction générale des finances Publiques). The DGFiP attributes a rate of tax to each person in its database, the employer then sends a list of people on their payroll, and the DFGiP identifies each person and provides their tax rate. Secondly, the employer must deduct the corresponding tax, before the employees are paid. If no rates are provided by the DGFiP, a neutral rate can be used. It is the employers who are responsible for this, and so employees won’t be prosecuted for any errors. The third obligation is to declare and transfer the tax revenue to the DGFiP.

If the employee’s situation changes at any time, the employee can do a simulation to get their new amount of tax online at www.impô The (DGFiP) is the employee’s contact for all questions relating to Pay as You Earn regulations (method of calculating the rate, change in their personal situation, requests, or finding out payment deadlines etc.). Personal information remains private as employers only receive the tax rate of each employee.

There was a lively discussion throughout the talk, with members helping one another with their specific situations and their questions. We would like to thank all of our speakers for the time and work put into this very informative presentation on a complex topic. The breakfast concluded with coffee, croissants and networking.


9:00 am - 10:30 am


Franco British Chamber of Commerce & Industry

63 Avenue de Villiers, 75017 PARIS

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