Franco-British Chamber of Commerce President discusses Theresa May's Election Decision on BFMBusiness. | Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Franco-British Chamber of Commerce President discusses Theresa May’s Election Decision on BFMBusiness.


Our President Olivier Campenon joined a distinguished panel of business leaders on France’s BFMBusiness TV’s ‘Décideurs de L’eco’ programme on 18/04/2017.

The debate, screened live, was an opportunity to look at why Theresa May took the decision to hold an early general election.

A full recording of the show is available here (NB this is in French).

We have selected a few of the best excerpts which include key messages Olivier was keen to get across.

‘A Chance for a Clean Brexit.’

‘We’re already feeling the impact of Brexit.’

‘Why another General Election?’

Debate on Brexit is far from over. The Franco-British Chamber will continue to represent the interests of its members as discussions go on, and we will continue to promote a pragmatic, pro-business solution with the interests of both countries to the fore. Our Brexit Hub contains news of events we host or participate in, as well as key information, useful at a time when politics risks drowning out the economic arguments.

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