SME Breakfast – 7th November 2017

SME Breakfast 7th November 2017

On Tuesday we had a full Chamber of guests all eager to listen to Robin Young, from Firstpoint Marketing and Communications deliver his debrief and analysis of the annual BrandZ “Most Valuable Global Brands 2017” report. With ease and confidence, Robin decoded the lengthy report encouraging a healthy and interactive debate on branding and company value.

Robin’s presentation started with everyone around the table introducing themselves which really highlighted the wide variety of professions amongst the guests. This focus on the individual reinforced Robin’s point that promoting one’s self is the most important aspect of any type of branding. And consequently, everyone has a brand whether they like it or not, and it is each person’s responsibility to shape that.

Robin explained that BrandZ “Most Valuable Global Brands 2017” report is a major piece of marketing research – encompassing 100,000 brands, 45 countries and over 20 years of database-led research. Robin’s insider knowledge explained how different terms and specificities are defined.

A detailed overview of different sectors was presented using charts and tables, for example, one slide dedicated to the retail sector with the report’s key conclusions. Graphs also enabled comparisons between the top brands of 2006 and those of the present day – surprisingly, only three of the 2006 brands are still in the top ten.

However, Robin’s presentation was not purely focused on graphs and figures – in the second half, he took a geopolitical approach, looking at 2016 in particular, with its many historic political events (Brexit and the US Election) and how brands have had to adapt to this climate. He posed questions such as, can a brand avoid being political? Or if not, are they at a disadvantage for not being politically engaged? With the ever-expanding phenomenon of globalisation, brands are being affected by things all over the world and in consequencetheir consumers are changing – with Robin drawing a focus more on demographics and shared environments and personal values rather than nationality or physical location as an example.

We had some great questions from both the audience and from our viewers through Facebook Live. There was a strong emphasis on the forecasts of seemingly British brands. For example, the future of M&S and what their brand identifies with nowadays. There were also great questions linking back to the power of social media and its current dominance of marketing and advertising strategies absorbing, among others, Public Relations activities.

Fundamentally, Robin’s thoughts on what makes a successful brand come down to developing a brand personality that can be the base of engaging storytelling. Most importantly, you need to know who the characters are and what story you want to tell. Clearly understand who you and your brand are and your marketing and brand strategy will follow.


This event was broadcasted live on our Facebook page, you can still watch it here