The Cross-Channel Institute is an independent non-profit Think-Tank, aimed at promoting Franco-British economic relations through studies, analyses and debates, and at providing French and British businesses, our Members and Institutions with an innovative and sustainable vision.

The Institute was founded in 2019 by the Franco-British Chamber with the support of the Commercial Section of the UK Embassy in France and in partnership with the international law firm PwC.

Their principal aims are to: :

      • Publish relevant economic analyses and studies including the Barometer on Economic Relations between our two countries;
      • Propose innovative ideas and solutions to inform companies about the economic opportunities within our two markets;
      • Organize events and debates for decision-makers which shed light on current and future business issues;
      • Encourage experts, skilled people and younger generations to cooperate in the development of new initiatives to strengthen Franco-British economic relations.

Cybersecurity Insights:  Building Trust in the Franco-British Relationship

 Sectoral Analysis – April 2024

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Franco-British Economic Relations Barometer

6th edition – June 2023

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Discover the institute’s fourth sector analysis :

November 4th 2021

Consult the Barometer of Franco-British economic relations
3rd Edition – November 2020


You can watch the presentation of the barometer in replay