The Cross-Channel Institute is an independent non-profit Think-Tank, aimed at promoting Franco-British economic relations through studies, analyses and debates, and at providing French and British businesses, our Members and Institutions with an innovative and sustainable vision.

The Cross-Channel Institute rests upon the strategic partnership between the Franco-British Chamber, the international firm PwC, the DIT*  – the three founding organisations – and their partners.

Their principal aims are to: :

      • Publish relevant economic analyses and studies including the Barometer on Economic Relations between our two countries;
      • Propose innovative ideas and solutions to inform companies about the economic opportunities within our two markets;
      • Organize events and debates for decision-makers which shed light on current and future business issues;
      • Encourage experts, skilled people and younger generations to cooperate in the development of new initiatives to strengthen Franco-British economic relations.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    *Department for International Trade


Read the 2nd Edition of the Franco-British Economic Relations Barometer for 2018:

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