Each year, the Franco-British Chamber organises dozens of targeted events for its members thanks to its ecosystem of partners, institutions and other business networks.

Our wide selection of events ranges from themed meetings in small groups, to tailor-made events organised for or by our partner members (such as exclusive breakfasts or annual luncheons), and large receptions at the British Embassy or other prestigious venues bringing together several sponsors, such as:

  • Brand or company anniversaries ;
  • Product and service launches ;
  • Image building events for prestigious brands ;
  • First-class sporting events ;
  • Growth of your notoriety.

The network and business development are at the heart of our events. The Franco-British Chamber is here to support you with your brand and business development goals.

Since June 2016 and the Brexit, the Franco-British Chamber has organised dozens of events to prepare its members for the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. In January 2019, we created the Cross-Channel Institute, a non-profit independent and non-political think tank, with PwC and the support of the commercial section of the British Embassy in France, to promote Franco-British economic relations through studies, analyses and debates, and to provide French and British companies, our members, and institutions with an innovative and sustainable vision.

One of its objectives is to organise events and debates for decision-makers that shed light on the current and future business issues between our two countries.

Feel free to meet us to discuss how your projects and objectives could be integrated into our respective programmes and communications, be it for annual or case-by-case partnerships or sponsorships.

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