There is no better feedback on the quality of our services than the satisfaction expressed by our Entrepreneur, Corporate and President’s Forum members.

With events such as the 145th anniversary celebrations of the Chamber in 2018 and the Brexit preparation meetings and Masterclasses in 2019, and all the tailor-made events, services and sponsorships that went along with them, our members have had a lot of opportunity to feedback.

Let them tell you how happy they are themselves!

Why am I a (happy) member of the Franco-British Chamber?
"The monthly breakfasts are a great way of practising my 2-minute pitch on a regular basis. And it helps. I feel that I am in a safe environment. Practice makes perfect and I am now at ease when someone asks me what we do - I can explain in a flash… Being able to speak to other members of the business community is a great confidence booster when needed. Being able to put "member of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce" on our website is also a badge of honour, a sign of credibility."
I find in the Franco-British Chamber all the qualities of a professional network
"When I set up my independent and time-shared HR department, I naturally turned to the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce for various reasons. On the one hand to keep in touch with this country that I particularly like and on the other hand to offer my services to British companies based in France. The first contact was very effective and pragmatic. I find in the Franco-British Chamber all the qualities of a professional network. Events like SME breakfasts are of very high quality, the members are extremely open and pragmatic. I constantly find there a very beautiful energy, a real open-mindedness and the creativity necessary to promote and develop the business between our two countries. I would like to take the liberty of thanking Catherine in particular, who has a real natural gift for connecting, provoking encounters and creating links in this very beautiful organisation." Anne-Helene SCOUARNEC: AHR - Authentic Human Resources

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