⚠️ NEW COOPERATION AGREEMENT: The new immigration legislation does not currently allow travel to the UK for an internship, neither as a visitor nor on a visa. The British administration has not yet given any indication on possible future solutions.

With the implementation of the new migration rules, French students have become foreign students like any other. Without a visa, it is not possible to them to go the the UK for an internship yet no “internship” visa exists for the moment. The Consulate General of France in London confirms this on its website (https://uk.ambafrance.org/servie-emploi-12103): “The new immigration law does not currently allow people to come to the United Kingdom to do an internship, neither as a visitor, nor with a visa. The British administration has not provided any indication to date on possible future solutions.

Information valid as of 19.01.2022,
Source: Brexit.gouv.fr

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All of the following information is, of course, subject to the future relationship between the UK and EU as a result of Brexit and the date that any new regulations come into force.

A country of both modernity and tradition, Great Britain fascinates the French and vice versa. The prevalence of its language, the importance of its place in the international business world, and its proximity to France makes it one of the favourite destinations for young people looking for internships or placements.

However, differences must be understood to avoid the inevitable and frequent cultural misunderstandings. On this subject read carefully our ‘cultural differences‘ page.