7 October 2021

The latest Quaterly Economic Survey Q3 has been realesed by the BCC showing the pressures the economy is under.

  • The highest business activity has been recorded since the crisis with domestic sales increased by 47%


  • Inflation record hit high as 62%, the manufacturers expect their prices to rise in the next three months


  • One in fivefirms reported a decrease in cashflow, with a further two fifths seeing no improvement


  • Investmentlagging the wider recovery as 13% reported a decrease and 59% no change


  • Over half (52%) of respondents cited inflation as an increased cause of concern


The BCC’s Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) – the UK’s largest independent survey of business sentiment and a leading indicator of UK GDP growth – has shown that while businesses continue to recover from the deepest recession on record, persistent weakness in several indicators highlight concerns over the strength of the recovery.


The survey of over 5,700 firms showed that some indicators, such as domestic sales and orders improved in Q3. However, it also revealed stagnation in the proportion of firms reporting improved cashflow and increased investment. Worryingly, firms’ expectations of price increases and fears about inflation are hitting record levels.


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