11 March 2021

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs have analysed the opportunities for companies to set up an industrial site in France, thanks to the new so-called “turnkey” industrial sites.
In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, the French Government is mobilising exceptional resources to support investment and the modernisation of industry.

A new call for proposals, aimed at local authorities and operators with attractive developed sites, has been launched by the French Government and will run until the 31st of March 2021.
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With the objective of relocating industry to France and of strengthening territorial economic development and its attractiveness, France has presented and developed in 2020 some fully serviced sites available to welcome new establishments. These “turnkey” sites respond to the complexity and slowness of French administrative procedures which discourage easy and rapid industrial implantation.

But France is simplifying and speeding up procedures for setting up industrial sites. The ASAP law (December 2020) reduces constraints on companies by reconciling administrative procedures with industrial development and strong environmental requirements.

This use of French industry as a lever for regional competitiveness is a major challenge for French regions as it strengthens local cohesion: It is crucial as nearly one million jobs were destroyed between 2000 and 2016, and 70% of industrial sites are outside major areas. That is why the « Territoires d’industries » programme was launched in 2018 to help regions’ industrial recovery strategy.

Today, 148 territories concentrate financial, administrative, technical, and human resources to revive the attractiveness of French industry.

Moreover, 78 ready-to-use industrial sites (the so-called “turnkey” sites) have been updated thanks to the “Pack Rebond” (July 2020) and the Industrial Acceleration Fund (an envelope of 400 million euros by 2022), supporting job-creating and SME industrial projects. This help was reinforced last September by “France Relance” economic stimulus plan that mobilizes nearly 100 billion euros and reduces production taxes due to the consequences of Covid-19 on the French economy.

These turnkey sites, by revitalizing industrial areas, are strengthening France’s attractiveness as they simplify and accelerate industrial establishment. In this respect, public authorities will have a bigger role as they oversee pre-construction studies.

These turnkey sites areas will be able to benefit from the €300 million mobilised as part of the revival of the wasteland recycling fund, to revitalise industrial areas, depollute and requalify brownfield sites.

Consequently, candidate sites to the call (until 31st March 2021) must report on the following criteria:

  • Multimodal accessibility to the site and the facilities around it.
  • The various networks (electricity, gas, etc.)
  • The services offered to companies and employees, particularly in terms of transport and catering.
  • Local ecosystems in terms of labour, innovation, and training.
  • Local ecosystems of subcontractors, suppliers, and public services