13 January 2022

As of January 2022, conditions of pay slips in France are changing. Here is what you need to know :

  • In order to help French nationals and residents deal with the economic hardship that has come from high inflation over Q4 of 2021, eligible employees will benefit from a inflation bonus on their January pay slip.
  • The social security limit for “Tranche A” salary band will remain set at 3,428 euros per month.
  • The hourly minimum wage will increase by 0.9% to 10.57 euros, or 1,603.15 euros per month for a full-time job at 35 hours.
  • The maximum employer’s share of meal vouchers will be increased to 5.69 euros per voucher.
  • Urssaf is now responsible for collecting the main apprenticeship and training taxes. Apprenticeship and training taxes will now be paid to Urssaf each month via the DSN e-filing.
  • The “Opco” institutions will remain the main contacts for training refund requests. You will continue to manually pay a balance of the industrial branch contribution to the Opco each year and to pay the portion of the apprenticeship tax to the schools as in the past.

More information can be found here.