21 May 2021

Despite the recent partial lifting of the lockdown in France, the government maintains all the social distance rules at work, including the 100% work-from-home rule, distance between workers, masks, etc.

The updated version of official guidelines, dated May 18th, 2021, reminds all the rules and adds details:

➤New ventilation instructions: companies are required to ventilate the workplace with natural or mechanical ventilation (doors and / or windows open as much as possible, and at least several minutes every hour).
➤Measurement of the CO2 rate: employers are asked to promote the measurement of carbon dioxide in the air to assess the need for additional ventilation.
➤Authorization of self-tests: companies can now offer company-paid self-tests packs to their employees. These are 100% optional for employees, and must comply with medical privacy rules.
➤Incentive for vaccination: Employers are encouraged to allow vaccination by the occupational health service. Employees who choose to be vaccinated at the occupational medicine center are allowed to get vaccinated during their working hours. They don’t have to reveal that they are going to get vaccinated, they can simply state that they go to a medical examination.


information by Ferrières & Co