2 September 2021


This has been a momentous year, with the United Kingdom (UK) becoming a newly independent trading nation for the first time in nearly half a century.
Despite the unprecedented challenges caused by the pandemic, they have cemented their status as the best place in Europe to invest and one of the best in the world. EY’s 2021 Attractiveness Survey confirmed that investors now see the UK as the most attractive place in Europe, with the highest proportion yet making clear their plans to invest here.

The Department forInternational Trade (DIT) has worked tirelessly to help businesses make the most out of their investments in the UK economy, supporting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects that yielded over 47,000 new jobs, almost 3,000 more than the year before5. Our four new trade and investment hubs sited in Darlington, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast will make it easier than ever to channel investment into each region and nation of the UK.

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenge due to COVID-19. Despite the uncertainty facing the world amid the pandemic, the UK cemented its position as the best place to invest in Europe. Investors continued to choose the UK, bringing over 1,500 projects and over 55,000 jobs to all corners of the country, with over £10 billion in capital being invested or committed to invest.

The report adresses the challenges UK has faced this year among with the position UK towards their investors, trades and politic in this unprecedented time.

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