28 November 2022

In its 28-year history Eurostar has revolutionised cross channel connections and helped businesses relationships prosper, carrying over 200 million passengers between the UK and mainland Europe.

Today, the high-speed rail operator is proud to add its support to the Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards as sponsor of the Clean Growth category – a natural fit for the Eurostar business.

Gwendoline Cazenave, CEO, comments: “We know how much our business travellers value a fast and seamless connection from city centre to city centre, and we have seen this sector thrive post pandemic. But the real driving force for many of our business travellers is sustainability – more and more of our clients are mandating train travel for short haul international travel and asking for carbon reporting as evidence of the difference they make when they choose train over plane.”

For Eurostar, sustainability is about more than just the journey, it is “deep in the DNA of the business and at the heart of everything we do”, explains their new CEO, “Businesses have a pivotal role to play, we must set the example when it comes to sustainability, diversity and inclusion and challenge ourselves to go the extra mile. The diversity of our colleagues at Eurostar enriches our company, brings different perspectives and experiences and most importantly reflects our customers and the communities that we operate in.”

Eurostar has made a number of far-reaching commitments to sustainability and have made big strides in their on-board catering. Just last month, they became the only transport company to achieve the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s highest accreditation of three stars for its menus – an accolade Eurostar has hung onto for three consecutive years.

The next chapter for Eurostar is their merger with rail operator Thalys which was completed in May this year. Gwendoline explains, “Behind-the-scenes we are working hard to bring the two businesses together. Together we will cross five countries and connect 245 million people which means we will play a central role in driving the modal shift from plane and road to rail.  We have an ambition to help our passengers connect smoothly to every rail system in Europe. The existing travel experience that our passengers know and love will extend further, offering even more opportunities to travel sustainably – we look forward to bringing you on this journey with us.”

For more information visit www.eurostar.com