17 March 2021

A new schedule for the introduction of import countrol processes at borders has been set out by the UK government on Thursday 11th March to enable UK businesses to focus on their recovery.

  • Customs controls, due to start in April are postponed to October 2021
  • Customs controls, due to start in July are postponed to January 2022

This will give businesses more time to prepare for changes at the border and minimise disruption as the economy gradually reopens.

From 1st October 2021: Export health certificate requirements and pre-notification requirements for products of animal origin (POAO) and high-risk foodstuffs without animal origin (HRFNAO) will be required.

From 1st January 2022:

  • Customs declarations will be required for goods not controlled at the point of import.
    Between July 2021 and January 2022, the deferred declaration system can still be used, including the submission of supplementary declarations up to six months after the goods have been imported.
  • Safety and security declarations will  be required.
  • Physical SPS checks for POAO, HRFNAO and high risk plants and plant products will be required and will take place at border control posts.
  • Pre-notification requirements and documentary checks will be required for low risk plants and plant products from January 2022.

From 1 st March 2022: checks at borders will apply to live animals and low-risk plants and plant products