30 April 2021

The replay of our conference on the topic “How to develop your business in France? “is available on our YouTube channel.

Conducted in association with Your Experts in France, this conference is very useful for all UK companies wishing to develop their business in France. Each speaker provides expertise on the following topics:

  • Where to set up and what you should know about France?
  • How to set up a business in France?
  • What are the legal constraints? (Vademecum of basics)
  • How to open a bank account?
  • What are the HR services you need to settle your business in France?
  • What are the Constrains & benefits of hiring in France without a registered entity?
  • Tax representative / Fiscal representation France and Europe
  • How to provide a health & life insurance plan to your staff in France?
  • What insurance you need for your business in France?
  • 4 steps to be successful in your services and E-commerce business in France.