2 September 2021


The UK-EU Partnership council had its first meeting in June on trade and other aspects of the new relationship. BCC (British Chamber of Commerce) will have further engagement with UK Ministers early next month.

The BCC (British Chamber of Commerce) led the business case for UK government action on extending the easement on CE marked goods being allowed to circulate in the GB market, from now until 1 January 2023. See the revised guidance on CE markings, plus revised guidance on placing goods on the GB market.

Here is a list of the most important points discussed in this first meeting:

  • Discussed SPS measures and customs controls in relation to trade in goods between the
  • Welcomed the outcome of the annual fisheries consultations for the rest of 2021 and discussed some other issues related to the implementation of the fisheries heading of the
    Trade and Cooperation Agreement.
  • Noted the Parties’ intention that the Specialised Committee on Fisheries should be convened as soon as possible, and operate as an effective cooperation platform.
  • Recognised that arrangements on law enforcement are working well in practice.
  • Noted the Parties’ intention that the Specialised Committee on Participation in Union Programmes should be convened as soon as possible.
  • Discussed long-term visa fees for EU citizens in the UK.
  • Noted that implementing the governance structures of the TCA is critical to theimplementation of the Agreement.
  • Agreed on an indicative timetable of TCA Specialised Committee meetings in 2021.
  • Committed to encourage their respective Parliaments to establish the Parliamentary Partnership Assembly, and agreed to facilitate establishing the Civil Society Forum as quickly as possible by adopting operational guidelines.

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