• Business English Skills Test (BEST)

– Standard Version / Basics

– Transport & Logistics

– International Trade

– Corporate Finance

– Tourism & Hospitality

– Legal

-Information Technology

-Human Resources


  • Diploma in Business English (DBE)
  • Certificate in English for Business Communication (EBC)


The Chamber has been a leading provider of Business English Certifications in France for the past century with over a million candidates since the creation of its examinations in 1901.

All our examinations allow an assessment of the full range of skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Our competency descriptions are in complete harmony with the levels of the Common European Framework of the Council of Europe.

The Business English Skills Test, created in 2001, is a flexible testing system used to assess the level of written and oral competency in a professional context. The BEST tests offer users the possibility of assessing either full range of skills or certain skills only.

The specialised BEST tests in the series assess the ability of a candidate to perform in English in a specific professional environment (corporate finance, international trade, transport & logistics, tourism and hospitality…) Tailor-made versions of the BEST test are also possible for companies and schools requiring a test covering specific themes or purposes.

Our flexible, customer-oriented service is aimed at meeting the different requirements of companies, schools and individuals.


The Franco-British Chamber certifications are recognised by thousands of companies across the European Union and will soon be eligible for CPF-funding for numerous sectors.

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