22nd May 2020



6th May 2020

Thank you and bravo to our members, the Board Members and the Franco-British Chamber team for contributing to our Wall of Fame and for spreading messages of hope in this unprecedented period.

In the coming days: respect the barrier gestures – stay safe – stay connected.



Daily Update on the key Coronavirus pandemic statistics in France and in the UK

Key statistics – France

Key statistics – UK



Update 9th April 2020

The advice of Prof. Claire Mounier-Vehier

Main topics and advice:

– People at risk: people over 70 years of age, and/or having a treated chronic disease and/or pregnant women – only a 2% mortality rate (for elderly and chronic diseases) ;
If you are among those at risk: prepare your medical file in advance;

– Pregnant women:  the virus doesn’t pass into the bloodstream or, later, into the milk. If pregnant women, whatever their trimester, have a fever and/or cough, call 15 who regulate Covid screening. Do not hesitate to take your temperature in the morning and evening;

– Everyone: When the warning signs appear (cough + fever + chest tightness). Do not hesitate to call your doctor or the SAMU (dial 15 in France, 112 in the EU);
– Absolutely avoid self-medication: paracetamol: 3000mg max/day or about 6 capsules (500mg), 4000mg on medical prescription;
–  Maintain hand hygiene;
– Eat properly: green vegetables, fruit and drink plenty of fluids (water);
– Take vitamin D because UV rays do not pass through windows: ask your doctor for a supplement;

– Beware of warning signs that may be related to a heart attack that requires immediate attention (SAMU will send the SMUR). SAMU, emergency and cardiac emergencies have specific non-Covid channels.  When faced with prolonged chest pain, another cardiac symptom or a sudden neurological problem, call 15 without delay because every minute counts.

Many other topics were also discussed during the question and answer session.

And above all…

The two links are complementary:




Update 30th March 2020

Dear Members,

During this difficult and confining period for our Franco-British business community, the Chamber is actively taking steps to adapt its organization and actions.

To this end and in close collaboration with our President, Thierry Drilhon, the Board of Directors and the Chamber’s team, we have put in place a specific action plan for the coming weeks:

– we have created a special weekly newsletter “Covid-19 & Business”, as well as this special page, during this health crisis, to keep you informed of the decisions taken by the French and British governments in the economic and health areas, and of the activities of our members with the leitmotiv: stay safe – stay connected;

– we will also set-up a web-events program (videoconferences) starting this week. Also, in order to better meet your expectations, you will receive a short questionnaire that will enable us understand your priorities and the topics on which you wish to exchange with our experts;

–  You will then receive invitations and a programme of videoconference events consisting of:
1/ presentations by experts from both countries with Q&A sessions,
2/ presentations by key business leaders and institutions from France and the UK,
3/ testimonials from leading companies in their sector of activity.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to send us your proposals and concerns. Some of you have already come forward with suggestions. The team remains close to accompany and help you.

Stay at home, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and together we will overcome.

25 March 2020

Dear Members,

Further to directives from the French Government to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in France, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce has taken the necessary measures to guarantee, on the one hand, the security of all and, on the other hand, the continuity of our services to our members and partners. We have therefore decided to suspend all events, task force meetings and meetings for the upcoming weeks. New dates will be communicated as soon as possible.

The Chamber’s team will be working from home until further notice. We will do our very best to respond to communications promptly during this unprecedented time. We have all the necessary tools to adapt while guaranteeing you our availability, our reactivity and the quality of our services remotely.

Your usual contacts can be reached mainly by e-mail and on their mobile phone.

We remain at your service for any business enquiries you may have at this time.

We are actively preparing a programme of thematic videoconferences, the programme of which will be communicated to you
very soon in a specific Newsletter.

Stay home, take good care of yourself and your loved ones.