6 September 2022

Today we had the opportunity to meet Sadio Diarra, an intervenant from Sad and Co, a company specialised in digital marketing. She thought us how to define our digital marketing strategy in order to increase sales and get qualified customers .

  • In 2020, Sad and Co was founded in order to optimize the digital marketing of businesses and respond to the need of companies to shift to a better communication mode
  • Main activities: Content writing, B to B consulting, staff training
  • Sadio Diarra made a lot of content creation on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn for big magazines like Voici, Télé Loisir, Gala. She also had the opportunity to make huge amounts of impressions by making buzz marketing. (Ex: Kate and William’s wedding)

What are the main problems for us people trying to create a community on social media?     

  • Creating content
  • Having more followers
  • The fear of what people will think of our posts
  • Generating engagement with followers
  • Getting contacted by decision makers

What Solutions?

  • Get inspired by other content creators. (RespireNaturel)
  • Be confident about what you are sharing. Create brand awareness.
  • Set goals. Create authenticity to attract the audience. BE DIFFERENT
  • Highlight your values and your personality. define your positioning
  • Show the benefits of collaborating with your brand
  • Post twice a week when having social media presence well established/ Post every day when having poor social media presence.
  • Videos are getting really viral (TikTok). People and especially young people want to be entertained. You can do it on LinkedIn also.
  • Learn more about your audience. What type of content are they looking for? Which types of accounts do they follow? Are they passive consumers or content creators?
  • Best time in the day to post? Preferably on weekends when people don’t work. During the week, it will be much more efficient to post in the morning before people going to work, or after work around 6-7pm.
  • Bring an influencer to promote your products.
  • How to get more engagement? Try to be on the best platforms where you could find your target customers.  Propose quality content and improve interactions with followers. Create polls/Ask for suggestions and feedback/Organize contests and events/Host industry panels/Broadcast news and big announcements/Host interactive sessions (such as AMAs) with your audience/Record interviews during a live Clubhouse/Twitter Spaces chat and upload them as a podcast/ Build your business’ thought leadership through a 30–60-minute show/Share testimonies of people working in the company.
  • Use LinkedIn to post more texts, with articles in the comments for more engagement. Don’t hesitate to add some hashtags in order to get more visibility (#ceo, #manager, #business,) There will be more engagement with LinkedIn because there are more professionals.
  • Advertisement is a solution for better visibility.
  • Take time to respond to comments and questions. Keep reminding the name of the company on posts. Try to have loyal customers and be regular on your posts.


  • Ignoring your best and most promising social media platform. If no engagement or no conversion, you are doing the wrong content creation on the wrong platform.
  • Not defining your target audience
  • Have BOTS and fake followers
  • Failing to engage in conversations
  • Relying too much on automation
  • Not tracking analytics
  • Treating all social media platforms, the same
  • Poor quality of content