29 January 2020

The Franco-British Chamber held its New Year’s Reception on the 29th January in one of the beautiful salons of the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée with 100 members in attendance. The Eiffel Tower was twinkling in the distance…

The Reception enabled the Chamber to celebrate the New Year with its members and to present its strategy for the year ahead. Thierry Drilhon, the President, welcomed everyone and discussed the progress of the Franco-British Chamber over the past 12 months including increased regional presence, new partnerships and enhanced communication with members.

At the Franco-British Chamber we strongly believe that Brexit is a business opportunity, to reshape the economic relationship between France and the UK, to benefit from the attractiveness of these two great nations and to re-invent the vision of Europe. Our upcoming series of Masterclasses, in association with the DIT, will ensure that our members have as much information as possible to help them continue to strengthen their businesses through the transition period. So, make sure you are up to date with our EVENTS PAGE for all the latest information.

Jimmy Zou from PwC then discussed the work of the Cross-Channel Institute, a Think Tank founded by the Franco-British Chamber, the DIT* and PwC for the promotion of Franco-British sustainable prosperity. Two barometers on Franco-British Economic Relations have now been published by this Think Tank. The latest barometer shows the increase of trade by €5bn between France and the UK between 2017 and 2018, reaching €97bn.

Finally, we were delighted to reveal to our members an exclusive interview with Eluned Morgan, the Welsh Minister for International Relations, as she gave her views on Brexit and the opportunities it creates for businesses to promote themselves in France and in Wales particularly. You can watch this video in full HERE.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their continued support and we will continue providing you with information, opportunities and assistance in all of your business endeavours, in 2020 and beyond.

The Chamber’s Team

*Department for International Trade